Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Guess They Don't Belong to Spinderella

Michelle spotted an apostrophe catastrophe above some salt and pepper shakers in the gift shop of the Tides at the Wharf restaurant in Bodega Bay. She says that several scenes in Hitchcock's The Birds were filmed there, but she found this apostrophe catastrophe just as frightening.

Thanks, Michelle!


Mary A Brown said...

The prices at the Tides are pretty scary too! At least they were the last time I was there awhile ago.

Brian C. said...

Actually, this use of the apostrophe would be correct since Salt & Pepper's is considered the name of the business. Other examples of business names with an apostrophe include Tiffany's (the jewelry store), Houston's (the restaurant), Denny's (the restaurant), etc.

Becky said...

The shop is called Tides at the Wharf, not Salt and Pepper's.