Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Add an Extra 'S' for Savings?

Remember those Mattress Discounters commercials that said to "leave off the last 's' for savings"? Apparently, this mattress place in Aberdeen, Scotland, takes the opposite approach with its branding.

Thanks to Lorraine for sending this one in!

Public Service Announcement: Did you know that you can haggle when buying a mattress? It's just like buying a car. The sticker price of the mattress that I recently bought from Sleepy's was $1299, and I ended up paying $483 for it (plus delivery charge). Readers, it would be a catastrophe to pay too much for your next furniture purchase.


Abstract Randomizer said...

Maybe, being Scottish, the proprietors wanted to save the price of the "E" and used a cheaper apostrophe by way of indicating a contraction...?
Jus' kiddin', o' course.
And I'm Scottish, so I can be politically incorrect on my own clan.

Becky said...

Haha, could be! I'm all for being frugal, so I don't think that stereotype is that offensive really.

Unknown said...

Can you haggle over the box spring's too? Just curious...