Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy National Punctuation Day!

At this bar in Washington, DC, called My Brother's Place, there's an apostrophe catastrophe for every day of the week!

Except Friday! Maybe that's in honor of the fact that National Punctuation Day falls on a Friday this year.

Here's a haiku I submitted to the National Punctuation Day haiku contest:
So many errors!
Catastrophes make me [sic]
Who taught you grammar?

What are you all doing to celebrate?

Thanks to Amanda for sending in this photo!


Anonymous said...

Could be interpreted as correct if you add the implied word specials after the day:

Monday’s Specials

Becky said...

True, but i don't think they meant it that way.

Ken said...

I think they did mean it that way, but that still leaves them in the position of having nounified an adjective (Special)...
Admittedly, not an uncommon error, but I don't consider that an excuse.