Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day: An Apostrophe-Free Holiday

Happy Veterans Day, everyone! Yes, that's Veterans with no apostrophe. The day is for all veterans, unlike Mother's Day, which is apparently for only one mother.

The Washington Post has an interesting blog posting today about Veterans Day and how it came to be celebrated on 11/11.

Nancy sent me this screenshot of a blog posting that erroneously adds an apostrophe to make veterans plural. That's just completely wrong!

Nancy was able to get the blog changed, so it's now error free.

Keep fighting the good fight, apostrophe soldiers!


Anonymous said...

Actually, it makes it possessive (singular), not plural. Since you note it's a day for all veterans, the apostrophe should be after the S if, indeed, veterans will take ownership of the day. lol

Becky said...

Thanks for your comment. To clarify, I meant that the blog posting wanted to make the word "veterans" (plural) but instead made a singular possessive. You are right that Veterans' Day would mean that all veterans owned the day. However, the lack of apostrophe implies that the day is for veterans. They don't ownthe day, per se. It's kind of a fine line I guess.

Laura (Terribly Write) said...

Yahoo used the plural possessive (Veterans' Day) today. Don't these people know how to Google holidays to see the correct spelling?

sally said...

Also..the word 'veterans' shouldn't be capitalized as it is in the last line.

Lina said...

Good info here. Long time reader, first time poster....keep it up please!