Monday, July 2, 2012

Can You Punctuate Me Now?

Adam spotted this double apostrophe catastrophe at a Verizon store. He says he "was surprised to see that the nation's largest carrier can't be bothered to proofread their promo materials."

Verizon's reception is excellent, but its punctuation leaves something to be desired.

Thanks, Adam!


Anonymous said...

Why is this a problem? It refers to the possessive so is correct.

Tanner said...

Yeah - I think this says that they're selling a phone plan that gives something both to the Dad and to the Grad (i.e., it becomes Dad's and the Grad's). I don't think the company is trying to promote Dads and Grads as such.

(Please don't rake me over the coals for capitalizing Grad. I'm borrowing from the promo there.)