Sunday, August 19, 2012

Keeping Up with the Jones' What?

I've been very busy this summer chillaxing on the beach, so I've been neglecting Apostrophe Catastrophes. I apologize, dear readers! Luckily, I found an apostrophe catastrophe in the Glamour I was reading on a Nantucket beach.

My brain might be mush right now from the excessive eating, drinking, and sunbathing, but shouldn't this just be "keeping up with the Joneses?"


Kerryn McCormack said...

You're correct. In the headline it is referring to the plural of Jones, not the possessive. The plural of Jones is Joneses. Or at least according to this article it is:

In summary:

Mr and Mrs Jones = The Joneses

The house of Mr Jones = Mr Jones’(s) house

The house of Mr and Mrs Jones = The Joneses’ house

‘Keeping up’ with the practices or possessions of Mr and Mrs Jones = Keeping up with the Joneses


Laura said...

Since this is an ad for Jones New York, the writers may have been going for a play on "Keeping up with the Joneses" with "Keeping up with the Jones' (style)." According to some guides (like the AP), the possessive of Jones is just Jones'. said...

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