Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gold Medal for Bad Punctuation

Emily was dismayed when she discovered this triple apostrophe catastrophe on a shop window in a London mall.

Athletes and Olympic fans from all over the world may have seen this sign, which is a bad way to represent England.

To quote a former U.S. president who is making a big speech tonight, I feel your pain, Emily. But thanks for sharing the catastrophe with us.


Laura said...

It looks like a triple catastrophe to me! There are the two extraneous apostrophes and one missing from what I think should be "It's the nuts." Not that I know what that means.

Becky said...

You're right, Laura! I will update the posting. Thanks!

CRJ said...

Ya know what? I'm about as appalled at these embarrassments to our English as anybody else here, but if this is deliberately trying to be crazy and zany for the purpose of being crazy and zany(as "its the nut's go banana's" implies), then maybe it should be acceptable in such a circumstance. Although, it would just be annoying to look at anyway and I'd hate to think what some kids would take away from that. So yeah.. torn.