Monday, April 22, 2013

Boat Catastrophe / Triumph

As a Bostonian/Cantabrigian, I haven't felt like making light of apostrophe catastrophes in the past week. Life has been sad, scary, and surreal, among other things. But nothing seemed funny. The bombers lived only blocks from my house, and some of my friends who live in Watertown were having their houses searched by the SWAT Team. I couldn't use "catastrophe" in the same sentence as "apostrophe" anymore. But finally today, the Onion was able to find some levity in the situation, while also mocking Taylor Swift. Thank you, Onion.

And then, as fate would have it, Bradley sent me this boat-related catastrophe from the Great Salt Lake Marina.

I'd like to dedicate this apostrophe catastrophe to Dave Henneberry, who clearly has excellent attention to detail and is a very responsible boat owner. As soon as the cops lifted the ban on leaving one's house, Dave went outside and found the second bomber hiding in his boat.

Thank you, Dave, for helping Watertown breathe a collective sigh of relief, and thanks to Bradley for sending in this maritime apostrophe catastrophe that reminded me of Dave and helped me regain a sense of normalcy.


Flash said...

It was such a tense day, and we too were thinking of friends stuck in Watertown. We tried to act like it was a normal day but it was hard until that night when he was caught. I did some reluctant work on my blog ( but it was hard to do anything but wait for the outcome. Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Wow, that is quite the blog concept....

Aunt Jane said...

re: the 'sign, Look at all those 's's without their friends! It should read: "Boat owner's are re'spon'sible to en'sure their boat i's properly 'secured" Oh, should I put a period at the end? It i's a 'sentence. But it i's a 'sign. Dear me, I ju'st don't know.

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