Monday, August 25, 2014

County Fair Catastrophe

Yikes! I haven't updated Apostrophe Catastrophes in a month! This is truly a catastrophe, and I apologize. But I've been busy. I moved to Pennsylvania! While I miss Boston dearly (love that dirty water...), I now have an entirely new state filled with apostrophe catastrophes to capture. One of the first things I did upon arriving here was head to a county fair because sheep are my favorite things in the entire world.

If I were ever to become a therapist, I would prescribe sheep and Irish accents to anyone who is depressed.

Making the day even better, I found an apostrophe catastrophe at the fair!

Gyro is...?

Thanks to my loyal Apostrophe Catastrophe readers for your patience. I promise to be better about updating the blog more often. Keep those submissions coming!


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