Thursday, February 12, 2015

Popz II Men

When I saw this tub of pretzels was in the teachers room at my school, I thought I was imagining things.

Adding an apostrophe prior to an "s" to make a word plural is bad enough, but a "z"? Why, Utz, why?


Alison said...


Anonymous said...

the blind leading the blind ... teachers [sic] room

Becky said...

It is a room for teachers; the teachers don't own the room. Thus, there is no apostrophe.

Anonymous said...


Maybe it is a possessive. Maybe they are nuggets that belong to Pretzel Pop. The Z is stylish, to go with Utz.

It *could* be true...

I'm from near the Utz HQ, so I am doing my best to defend them here...

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