Wednesday, June 24, 2015

As if Selfie Sticks Weren't Horrible Enough

Tomi spotted this horrifying display at Media Markt in Germany. What is the world coming to?

Adding to the catastrophe, the mispaced apostrophe is backwards and the word "selfie" is misspelled on the display sign.

Thanks, Tomi!


Sean Afleck said...

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Unknown said...

As for me, i
don't appreciate that .They have to change their opinion about whom to f*ck, cuz that's rea'lly delirious. Even an essay writer proved my words.

Anonymous said...

Selfi is German for selfie (otherwise they would have to pronounce it differently). The boxes below are written in English.

Anonymous said...

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Haley said...

Hahaha I'm german and we definitely don't say selfi :D it's selfie in Germany as well, Media Markt stop embarrassing us!!

Anna Schafer said...

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Unknown said...
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Teresa Halminton said...

Haha! That's true. Selfie is terrible enough, now we have selfi.
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