Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Your Invited to Learn Proper Grammar

My friend Ethan forwarded me this e-mail that he received at work:

Ironically, it's from a communications firm and directed at journalists, yet it's riddled with errors. Maybe the survey is a proofreading test in disguise? It manages to get journalists' needs wrong twice -- in two different ways. And confusing your with you're?!? Inexcusable. However, the best part of this e-mail, which Ethan pointed out, is that the company calls itself a pubic relations firm. How did I miss that? Thanks for sharing, Ethan!


Ethan said...

Um, you forgot the best part about them calling themselves a "pubic relations" firm.

Becky said...

Hahahaha, wow. How did I miss that?!?!?! Must update immediately!


Haha, those public/pubic mistakes are always hilarious! (Also: I work for a newspaper, and I ALWAYS see awful grammar/punctuation/spelling mistakes on our website and on internal company memos. Is proofreading THAT much of a lost art nowadays? Sigh.)