Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Red Sox Nation, I think it was my fault. The Sox won on Saturday night, so I should have worn the same outfit for Sunday night's game. But I didn't. Instead, I wore a new t-shirt that I got at a bar last week. So, I guess the shirt was bad luck. But why? I went to the Soxology web site and discovered three apostrophe catastrophes.

Check out the red-and-white banner: Mens, womens, childrens. None of these are words. But at least they got the punctuation right (men's) underneath.

Update: I saw a link for the Soxology site today because they are sponsoring a charity bike ride, and I noticed that the punctuation error have been corrected. Go Sox!


Anonymous said...

What else would you use it for? ;)

Anonymous said...

you could wear it and show your support for the team! That's what it's about anyways .... not about common mistakes people may make.