Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Heroes Know How to Use Punctuation Correctly

Corinne took this photo of a double apostrophe catastrophe on a highway in Queens, NY:

Fittingly, Corinne was on her way home from an English teaching methods course when she spotted this catastrophe. Notice how the two errant apostrophes don't even match.

Thanks, Corinne! Check out Corinne's poetry blog here.


John said...

Looks like it's near Cunningham Park.

I wonder if it's Frank's Heroes, Coffee and Soda or Franks, Heroes, Coffee, and Soda.

The world wonders.

Becky said...

If a guy named Frank owned the business, that would make it a triple apostrophe catastrophe!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing as John.

C. Elizabeth said...

Hey Becky--Thanks for the shout-out.

John--Yes, it was close to Cunningham Park.

Left Field said...

Well, there is a picture of a hot dog, so it's probably Franks and not Frank's. But, if it is Frank's business...oh boy.