Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Regresty to Inform You

Melinda sent in an apostrophe catastrophe that she found on Regretsy, which I bet is a goldmine for punctuation errors. The name of the site also makes me think of a woman from the movie theater where I worked in high school who once said, in a thick Boston accent, "I regret winter." Because she apparently created a season? I didn't know that God worked at a second-run cinema in the suburbs!

On to the catastrophe in question.

One more time, everyone, its is already possessive. It's means "it is."

Thanks, Melinda!


Nate said...

Nah, Becky, you're out of touch with today's juvenile lingo. Line 1: "Baby's on" is an aggressive posture typical of the Infant Empowerment movement. This phrase could also read "I'm ON, fools!" "Baby" is capitalized, as it's a proper noun (e.g., "Nobody puts Baby in a corner). Line 2: "[I]t's way" -- tersely phrased, no caps, as per txt-speak -- is a declarative phrase, akin to: "It is way cool, brothers and sisters."

Juxtaposing these phrases with the menacing, disorienting image of bells jingled right in front of your face makes for a hip, visceral assertion of babyhood.

Becky said...

Wow. Well, you certainly put a lot of thought into this!

Anonymous said...

And it looks like they threw in a little comic sans font to complete the insanity. And just think how many uneducated people actually bought this.