Thursday, December 3, 2009

Waxed Tissue Is ... a Person?

Christina spotted today's apostrophe catastrophe at a supermarket in suburban Cleveland.

She also wonders when waxed tissues became a proper noun. Good question!

Thanks, Christina!


Anonymous said...

Good going! I would have missed that one.

Levi Montgomery said...

Here's the real question: What, exactly, are we to use (of Waxed Paper's personal property) while we select our pastries? They've left a word out, and I'm so confused.

Waxed Paper's... hand?
Waxed Paper's... tastes?

Oh, I like this one:

Waxed Paper's money!

Anonymous said...

Waxed Tissue is my drag name.

A trusted friend said...

And don't leave out the missing hyphen!

braincrisp said...

What's with all the yelling in this sign? Are 3 exclamation points really necessary?