Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's Find the Catastrophe

It's not the inconsistent hyphenation in makeup (or make-up) in this ad that bothers me; it's the apostrophe in the word let's.

Check out the gray print in the middle to find the catastrophe.

Thanks to Jace for sending this one in!


KristyD said...

Hey Becky! Tufts 10K Kristy here... Love the blog. Its got a great theme (ah hahahahaha, couldn't help myself). It's got a great theme, and one that seems to be gathering speed at an alarming rate.

Tipping you off to a possible apostrophe catastrophe: I remember sitting in the parking lot at the Whole Foods right next to Central Square and thinking there was something off with the punctuation about the cars and towing... "Will be towed at owners/owners' expense" or something to that effect. I think. Don't hate me if I'm wrong.

Keep fighting the good battle's, uh, battles.

J. Alfred Proofreader said...

Wow, how'd that one slip post the (probably) 20 or more people who approved that ad prior to printing?