Friday, January 22, 2010

Orlean Is What?

My workfriends were just laughing at me because I walked into a room I had never been in before and the first thing I noticed was that it contained a manila folder that said MENU'S on it. Similarly, when I get this receipt from a bar that I went to recently, I frantically ran over to show my buddies that the bar's name has a catastrophe in it.

It should be Orleans as in New Orleans, or a town on Cape Cod.

Yay for my friends putting up with my eccentricities.


Levi Montgomery said...

Are you certain it doesn't simply belong to Orlean? It would certainly have been my assumption that it does or did at one time.

Becky said...

The name of the bar is Orleans. It's on the sign outside and the menus and everything. It's on the receipts that are wrong.

Paul said...

It would be pretty excellent if someone opened a poor punctuation-themed restaurant. Although I'm sure no one around here would visit it!