Monday, February 1, 2010

You Want to Eat Your Grandmother?

Feed Me Bubbe is making the e-mail rounds almost as swiftly as Susan Boyle did. Bubbe, which means "grandmother" in Yiddish, has become a bit of an Internet sensation with her online cooking shows. She's like Julia Child if Julia were two feet shorter and Jewish.

It's an adorable idea, but the title of the Web site makes me cringe.

Would it kill you to put a comma in the title of the Web site? Oy.


Anonymous said...

Why on earth would you want a comma in that title?

An exclamation mark at the end would be fair enough though.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the whole point of the show is not that you are being fed by Bubbe but that the show is feeding Bubbe to you with her entire lifestyle including language and culture. The comma would have ruined the title and thus you would miss out on the joke completely.

Anonymous said...

What about too many commas in the line at the bottom?