Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Celtics Beat the Heat!

The Celtics started the 2010-2011 season strong by beating LeBron James and the Miami Heat handily. Highlights included:

  • Shaq hitting his first free-throw as a Celtic (it looked ugly, but it went in!)
  • The balcony starting an "overrated" chant
  • The sign that said "Queen James"
It felt like June, complete with hot weather in Boston! But the icing on the cake was finding these badly punctuated Heat t-shirts.

Don't worry, boys, I'm not hating; I'm gloating.

Update: I found the website that sells these t-shirts. Has no one thought to inform them that their products are grammatically incorrect?


Terribly Write said...

I think the apostrophe just slipped down out of "dont" and got caught on "hate."

dont hate miami said...

It was done that way on purpose - it made the shirt look weird and people in Miami dont use punctuation anyways

dont hate miami said...

Also, don't think for one second Shaq is gonna do anything useful for you guys and you got beat by the CAVS tonight lololol

Becky said...

People in Miami don't use punctuation? Well, I guess I could never live there!

dont hate miami said...

lol stay in the Ivy bubble!

Pretty funny you saw my friends @ the game and took their pic! I was out there too, tough one but hey, look at us now!

You're lucky if people can spell or speak, much less use punctuation here.

BeatBoston...Don'tHate! said...

It's my turn to gloat.

Who beat Boston in game 5?

WE DID, and I was there.

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