Sunday, January 30, 2011

T-Pain Tattoo Catastrophe

Signature9 reports that T-Pain recently got a tattoo of the Facebook "Like" button.

This both fascinates and horrifies me for many reasons. But let's just ignore the fact that the tattoo is hideous and will be relevant for a maximum of two years and instead focus on its punctuation error.

A little piece of advice for you readers out there: If you can use the word "zeitgeist" in regards to your tattoo, don't go under the needle. I am confident that whoever invents a cheaper and more effective tattoo-removal technology in the next few years will be rolling in money. And when it happens, I'll say, "I knew it was T-Pain."

This blog posting is dedicated to my friend Jeremy. He was about to send me a link to a news story about T-Pain's tattoo, but I sent it to him first.


Anonymous said...

this may just be my brain damage but I do not see any punctuation and thus I do not see an error. You could argue the lack of punctuation is an error but that is then your shortcoming. If there is another error please explain.

Also, I don't think either Facebook or the like function will disappear in the next twenty years let alone two.

Becky said...

There should be an apostrophe in "don't." It is an error to leave it out. "Dont" is not a word.

Anonymous said...

Not such a disaster. He can have an apostrophe added in and it will almost look like it was there from the start if they do it right. Almost.

Esteban said...

The tattoo is absolutely appalling, so the punctuation errors actually reinforce the whole concept and say a lot about this intrepid guy.