Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Code Blue for this 'Hosprital' Sign

Amusing articles in the Sun and the Daily Mail report that St. Luke's Hospital in England made two critical mistakes on its new sign.

Here's the image from the Daily Mail:

"Hospital" is misspelled the second time, and the name of the facility needs an apostrophe. I'm not sure why "No" is capitalized in the last sentence and why there is no period at the end either.

I know the NHS is perpetually hurting for money, but they could have at least sprung for a proofreader. This sign is in need of emergency care.


Anonymous said...

In your headline, you misspelled the misspelling of hospital. The sign misspelled it hospitral. Your headline quoted that as hosprital. Amusing.

Becky said...

Haha thanks for pointing that out. Oops!

Baurak Shinehah said...

There are many mistakes on this sign, but the name of the hospital doesn't need an apostrophe because it's the name of a business.