Monday, September 1, 2008

Electing John McCain Would Be a True Catastrophe

In this posting I declared that Apostrophe Catastrophes was nonpartisan. Well, I lied. Something John McCain-related has been brought to my attention that is so appalling that I have no choice but to support Barack Obama for president.

Don't stare at this pen too long or you might go blind. It is more painful to look at than It's Raining McCain. Scratch that. "It's Raining McCain" is brilliant and hilarious. This pen is just wrong on every level.

Thank you to Kevin for sending me (via Carrie) a link to this pen, which is being sold on McCain's official web site.

Yes, we can elect a candidate who has a command of the English language.

See what Red Pen, Inc. has to say about the pen catastrophe here.


Ronnica said...

How studious are these students?

BallBounces said...

Plus, it's a right-handed pen. McCain has just lost the important left-handed-persons demographic.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Chalk up another error for the McCain campaign... ;)

Anonymous said...

And isn't it ironic how Grammarphile misspelled Apostrophe Catastrophes in his McCain-bashing rant?

Anonymous said...

Another duplicate post.