Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rock Stars Love Punctuation

The other day, I ran into a guy I know from middle school (Hi, Chris!) who plays bass in three New York bands, and the first thing he said to me was, "I love your blog!" Soon after, I received an e-mail from Adam of The Lights Out saying that everyone in his band was a huge fan of Apostrophe Catastrophes. I'm like the opposite of a groupie!

Anyway, Adam sent me a glaring apostrophe catastrophe from (*gasp*) The Wall Street Journal. Here it is:

The poorly punctuated chart was from an article called "More Artists Steer Clear of iTunes" from August 28.

Because Adam and his bandmates are such dedicated punctuation sticklers, I encourage you to vote for them in this Harpoon Brewery contest. Oh, and their music kicks ass, too. If they win the title of the Northeast's Best Unfiltered Band, they win a year's supply of UFO Hefeweizen. What more could a local band ask for?

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