Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cruisin' for Catastrophes

Katie sent me two photos of catastrophes that she found on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Anyone for some rock climbing?

For the second catastrophe, the ship's in-room shopping catalog confuses "then" and "than."

Being trapped on a ship filled with grammatical errors must have been terrifying. I'm glad that Katie survived and was able to share them with us.

Thanks, Katie!


Anonymous said...

Your blog makes me want to photoshop red-pen corrections in the pictures.

Becky said...

Well, your blog makes me want to become a nun. But I said that already. ;)

Vintage Scans said...

Somebody probably wasted minutes trying to find that apostrophe stencil.

Ronnica said...

That top one could actually make sense. Perhaps the entrance is for someone known as Climber.

Anonymous said...

It all depends upon how you choose to interpret the errors. For example:

"More colors, then a box of crayons" could be followed by "and finally an array of colored pencils that needed sharpening cluttered Elizabeth's desk throughout the day, making it quite impossible for her to lay her drawing pad down on a flat surface."

It's a sequential thang. I had that bog box of 64 crayolas with the sharpener in the back. I bet that's what they're talking about. It's a punctuation issue, not a spelling issue.

And they forgot the rest of the story.


Anonymous said...

Oops. Typo. I had that BIG box of crayolas, not a bog box. Bog boxes tend to be squishy and full of slimy algae, peat, and wiggly worms. Yeeccccch.