Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Too Many Republican's and Other Problems

This blog's best contributor, my friend Merry, sent a screenshot of the Pez web site that's littered with errors. This pains her because she's a big fan of Pez dispensers. How many apostrophe catastrophes and other mistakes can you find?

Thanks, Merry!


Unknown said...

I only found 3

That's pretty sad

Vireya said...

The apostrophe in "Republican's in stock" is definitely wrong.

There's one "." missing in the ellipsis after Pumpkin.

But what else are you calling a mistake?

Dem's could reasonably be said to be a contraction, where the apostrophe is replacing "ocrat".

"What's coming" is correct - it is a contraction of "what is". Or are you objecting to the capital letters?

"They're back" is a refreshing example of someone using the correct form, instead of "there" or "their". Again, are you objecting to the capital letters?

Unless I'm missing something, where are all the mistakes? The capital letters aren't bugging me, because a lot of these items could be considered headings, and it is normal practice to capitalise words in headings.

Becky said...

Besides the first two that Vireya mentioned, I think it's a mistake to say "coming soon for 2008" since it's already a mistake. Also "$20 bucks" is redundant. Use the dollar sign or "bucks," but not both. "Occasion" is spelled wrong in the section about the bride and the groom. I still think that "Dem's" is an apostrophe catastrophes. I consider "Dem" and abbreviation. "Bail us out, we have too many..." That's a comma splice.

Vireya said...

Thanks, Becky - I missed the fact that 2008 is just about over. And I can never spell ocassion... occassion... whatever it is! And I skipped right over the $20 Bucks. Guess I'll never make a living as a proof-reader.

Left Field said...

I count 4: Dem's, Republican's, occassion and $20 Bucks.

Left Field said...

I guess I was a little late, but I swear I didn't cheat. Besides, I missed the ellipsis error (tough one) and "coming soon for 2008".

Vintage Scans said...

Aside from the "Hey Pumpkin" sentence bordering on the illiterate the (partial) ellipsis is being misused.