Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who Is Side Are You On?

Apparently, the San Jose Sharks had a preseason scrimmage called the teal and white game at which they gave out free t-shirts. I love free t-shirts, but this one was ruined by an apostrophe catastrophe on the back!

As readers of this blog know, it should be Whose Side Are You On?

Thanks to Craig for uploading this to AC's facebook group.



Apostrophe mistakes on shirts are annoying! My mom bought me a really cute Phillies shirt with a lei silk-screened on the front and the words "FLYIN HAWAIIAN" on the back. I freaked out because there should be an apostrophe at the end of FLYIN! (She won't let me take a red Sharpie to the mistake, but she's going to cut a tiny apostrophe out of red duct tape and stick it on there for me.)

Becky said...

She won't let you write on it, but she will allow duct tape?? You should send me the before and after photos for Apostrophe Catastrophes.