Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boston Garden Womens and Mens Rooms

Celtics games rock. Punctuation errors suck.

Since the last time I was there (around two weeks ago), the TD Bank North Garden put up new signs that say "Womens Entrance," "Mens Entrance," Womens Exit," and "Mens Exit." This new signage brings back fond memories of the time my friend Amy and I went into the men's room during a Destiny's Child concert, but the lack of apostrophes is terrible!

These punctuation errors upset me almost as much as the fact that they don't play Gino as a victory cigar anymore. At least the Celtics continued their domination of the Eastern Conference last night. Woo! But seriously, TD Bank North Garden, put up some apostrophes in those bathroom signs, and bring back Gino! We want Gino!

Update: They played Gino at the game on December 19! Thank you for listening to me, Boston Celtics.


Nick said...

This blog wins the awesome contest. You just sucked away two hours of my life and I never want it back!

Becky said...

Thanks, Nick! That is the best comment I have ever received!

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