Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Get This Olde-Fashioned Catastrophe at the Faire's Shoppe

My roommate Molly brought home a souvenir glass from King Richard's Faire, and we noticed that it was missing an apostrophe.

The words are written vertically, but they could have made an effort to show possession somehow.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was a "faire" showcasing a multitude of kings named Richard?

Becky said...

That's certainly possible, but then the web site would be wrong. :)

john said...

the vertical text makes apostrophes a sticky proposition. i agree it should be there, but no matter where you put it it's going to look weird.

i went to Northwestern, home of the wildcats, and they had these big flags that said "CATS", each with one letter. The flag with the C had a big apostrophe in front of it, to indicate omission of "wild-". While accepting that it's grammatically correct, I always felt it was silly and superfluous, not to mention distracting. This may be a similar situation.


Molly Hunt said...

Wow, I totally forgot about this!

I find it plenty distracting as is here, but you guys are right, the verticalness makes it tricky.

Becky said...

Well, "Cats" is a word, so I think it would look strange to have an apostrophe before it.