Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Apostrophe Catastrophe on the WB

The WB has a new web-based TV show called Childrens' Hospital. It's a comedy, so I looked for evidence that this was an intentional apostrophe catastrophe, but I couldn't find any. Check out how many times this punctuation error appears on one web page!

Rob Corddry, I'm disappointed in you.

Thanks to my dad for submitting this apostrophe catastrophe!

Update: While I can't find anything online to explain the punctuation error in the title of this TV show, I did discover the story behind the missing apostrophe in Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. The hospital presumably doesn't stick to tradition when it comes to medicine -- unless doctors there still use ether -- so why should it keep a grammatical error in its name for nostalgia's sake?


Anonymous said...

Should have looked harder, jackass. The hospital is named after John Childrens. Therefore the punctuation is correct.

Becky said...

Where does this information come from? Are you Rob Corddry?

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed by how posting anonymously somehow gives people the right to act like jerks.