Friday, January 16, 2009

In the 19th Century, Perhaps

I think this facebook flair is trying to say that the UK is #1, but, ironically, the bad punctuation kind of makes the statement more true.

Sorry, British friends! You know I love you! Hey, now that Amy Winehouse is reportedly divorcing Blake Fielder-Civil, perhaps the British Empire can rise again. Pirates seem to be making a comeback.

Thanks to my friend Jodi for sending this apostrophe catastrophe my way. Cheers, luv!

Update: People in the comment section have informed me that this is an intentional apostrophe catastrophe. Sorry!


John said...

Maybe, they meant to say "We were #1."

No apostrophe necessary.

Rimpy Rimpington said...

Facebook applications are an absolute treasure trove for bad punctuation seekers.

Chrissy said...

yeah it's a joke.. the website that makes the t-shirt version of this pin prints all of the emails "correcting" the joke :P

Miriam Esther Goldman said...

Yeah, ummm this is from SnorgTees or one of those and was stolen by someone on Facebook. It's intent IS to make fun of the UK!

Unknown said...

Now what are they?