Friday, July 31, 2009

Résumé Typo's Make Me [Sic]

Poor Katie was forced to sit through a typo-filled webinar. I think she deserves a raise for capturing one of the worst (and most ironic) mistakes and sending it to Apostrophe Catastrophes.

She hopes that the moderator is not the one doing resume reviews. Also, could that PowerPoint slide be any uglier? You need not take computer classes to produce better Powerpoint presentations.

While it isn't technically necessary, I prefer to include the accents in résumé so readers don't think I'm talking about starting something up again. If you want to resume working, send in your résumé.

Thanks, Katie!


The Happy Medic said...

OK, that just hurts.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Surely that should be 'accentuate' rather than 'accent' in the slide? Or has 'accent' become a verb without my noticing?

Becky said...

Good point! I do think "accent" has become a verb, tub "accentuate" is probably a better choice here.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Reminds me of the résumé I received in which a woman told of her excellent proffing skills.

This slide is just terrible on so many levels.

In addition to issues already mentioned, I submit these:

Bulleted items should not have end punctuation when they're only one sentence/phrase.

The Department of Redundancy Department was pleased when tend was used twice in one bullet point.

I'm a fan of the Oxford or serial comma, so it's disturbing that it's missing.

Poor Katie, indeed. I hope this didn't hinder her ability to apply for jobs in the future! LOL!!! :D

megan said...

Help. I'm drowning in irony.

Unknown said...

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Sharell Williams said...

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