Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This Might Require a Royal Proclamation

I have a new favorite punctuation vigilante. Lorraine from Scotland recently sent me several apostrophe catastrophes that she found in Aberdeenshire. So, today is your lucky day, readers. We've got a three-for-one special on punctuation errors.

Lorraine tells us that she spotted this basket in the village near Balmoral Castle where the Queen spends her summers. "I hope she didn't see this!" Lorraine writes.

The person who made this sign also seems to have problems forming his or her n's.

Next, we have a badly punctuated real estate sign that was in an empty shop window in Huntly:

Lorraine's husband, Doug, and her friend Lorna are posing in the photo to point out the mistake.

And, finally, we have one from a flower shop in Stonehaven:

My eyes hurt. I think I need some Irn-Bru to cure this bad-punctuation hangover.

Thanks, Lorraine!


Vireya said...

Sorry, but shouldn't that be "proclamation" in your heading?

Becky said...

Yes, it should. I thought I changed that. Aargh. Thanks!