Friday, May 30, 2008

Bed's, Bed's, Frame's

Paula, who is helping her young son avoid apostrophe catastrophes, sent me this photo of a truck that she spotted at the corner of Wilkens Ave and Brunswick Street in Baltimore:

She writes, "I love the friendly message to fellow motorists, and then the accretion of crappy signage on top. Baltimore is Baltimore."

The random ellipses also add to the punctuation mess. And why does it say "bed's" twice?

Check out Paula's blogs here and here.


sitboaf said...

i think it must have said "Bed's Bed's Bed's" at one point, but they needed to tell people that they also sold frames, too.
Hideous and lame.

Anonymous said...

It's probably supposed to be

Bed Frames

bionelly said...

In the original sign, why do they ask for donations of both furniture and items? Isn't furniture a particular type of item? It reminds me of a sign I saw a few weeks ago advertizing "Antiques, collectibles and stuff." Why not just say they sell stuff? said...

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