Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Poorly Punctuated Prostitution Posters

If you walk along the Las Vegas Strip, you'll be subjected to a barrage of ads for strippers, masseuses, and escorts. They say Vegas is more family-friendly these days, but don't let your kids look down as you're walking on Las Vegas Blvd. because there's essentially free porn lying everywhere. I'm not offended by the X-rated cards and fliers that are strewn on the sidewalk, but I was appalled by the semicolon on this advertisement:

Besides being in a cab with a driver who had never heard of Elvis, seeing a drunk dude in New York New York get knocked out by security, and watching a giant-breasted chick in stripper heels fall on her butt outside the Mirage, this semi-colon was the most shocking part of my stay in Sin City.


neoinileias said...

you have nice blog

J said...

oh my goodness, that's terrible!! Larry... *tsk tsk*

YNL said...

Wow, really? Knocked out? That IS bad.

As for the semi-colon, I am inclined to give Larry points for placement, and will charitably chalk the error up to a pinkie-slip.

Becky said...

The guy was fighting back, so the security guards tackled and chocked him.

It could have been a pinky slip, but Larry should have noticed and fixed his error.