Monday, March 30, 2009

From the Irony Files

An anonymous reader sent me a link to a web site called Red Hot Copy that provides tips for writing marketing copy. Sadly, the writer should have taken some of her own advice. Before you hire writers for their article writing services check out their credentials and portfolios first to make sure they won't commit silly mistakes such as the one below. See the headline next to the arrow in the screenshot below.

Mistake #6: perpetrating an apostrophe catastrophe when you want readers to see you as a writing expert.

Thanks, anonymous reader!


Anonymous said...

haha, ohhh that's great

Carlos said...


Did you visit the site? It's chock full of grammatical errors. Wow!

FilmFather said...

As a copywriter, I feel shame.

Jess said...

oh boy, I love things like that. :)