Monday, March 23, 2009

This Makes My Brain Hurt

Dave from Bristol, England, was horrified when someone slipped this flyer under his door:

Don't look too hard at this image or your head might explode. With the missing apostrophe in childrens, the errant apostrophe in partie's, and the spacing and capitalization problems, this is one of the worst catastrophes I've seen in a while.

Thanks, Dave!


Anonymous said...


Flax said...

Lordy! It's one thing (I guess) when the plural is spelled the same as the possessive if apostrophes are struck... but in this case? What's the excuse? (Answer: there is none.)

Anonymous said...

That is a-freaking-mazing!

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day why be judgemental? If you think about it this person(s) are trying to run a business and you are basically bad mouthing them all over the uk. How would you feel if your business was bad mouthed across the uk? (thats if you have one).
At least they have the guts to try and make something out of themselves. (unlike some).

If you have a problem with their spelling or how they may be doing things go to the bloody website or phone them and tell them straight out instead of bad mouthing them. I think you would find that is the better and more mature way to go aboout it, your all just acting like bullies in a playgroung maybe you should go back to school.

Plus there is the fact you dont know the truth behind the spelling mistakes.... do you?(doubtful).

For all you know it could be the printer companys error or maybe it was a template that accidently got mixed up in with the good batch. who knows and im pretty sure you lot dont.

Just think before you speak (type). You could be really damaging a perfectly good business all because you may have a stupid deploma in english big bloody woop.

This shows you have nothing better to do with your life or maybe your so lonley and cold hearted you dont want anyone else to succeed and be happy. said...

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