Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Times Never Seemed So Good

This sign in the Kenmore T station in Boston would have made sense if the fireworks had been postponed until the 5th of July, I suppose.

But finally, after almost a month straight of monsoon conditions, the rain stopped, and Boston was able to hold its famous fireworks display, complete with a performance by Neil Diamond.

Freedom's light burning warm

This blog specializes in apostrophe errors, obviously, but if you want to double your fun, check out the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks.


Anonymous said...

Actually I hate to say it, but grammatically they're correct. I'm quoting Wikipedia here (easier than typing out from my book)

In addition to conveying a neutral attitude and to call attention to a neologism, or slang, or special terminology (also known as jargon), quoting can also indicate words or phrases that are descriptive but unusual, colloquial, folksy, startling, humorous, metaphoric, or contain a pun.

This would call attention to the slang term "4TH" to mean "Independence Day."

Becky said...

I suppose "Happy 4th" could be seen as slang, but it seems pretty standard.

David said...

"Happy 4TH" isn't the slang in this sign, only "4TH." Granted, without the quotes it's understood what the sign means, I'm not saying the quotes are necessary, in fact they aren't. But they're not misplaced where they are.