Friday, October 23, 2009

It Is for Waitresses'

Emily from St. Louis found this apostrophe catastrophe in a bar the other night and says she was "appalled."

The sign is pretty hideous; I think the font is just as appalling as the apostrophe catastrophe. Some might argue that the apostrophe implies that the area beyond the sign belongs to waitresses only, but I don't think that's what the sign makers had in mind, so I declare it a catastrophe. Not that I'm a psychic or anything. What do you think, readers?

Thanks, Emily!


Mark said...

"The only of the waitresses".

It's a catastrophe!

FilmFather said...

Someday, waitresses will earn enough wages to each have their own only.

Scaeva said...

There's no implication on the sign that the area belongs to the waitresses, just that only waitresses are allowed beyond it. So no apostrophe required.

Anonymous said...

FilmFather, you's is funny!