Monday, May 5, 2008

Picking on Macy's Again

Seeing a horrendous t-shirt at Macy's inspired me to start this blog. Sadly, the errant apostrophe on the Peanuts t-shirt is not the only punctuation error you'll find if you visit a Macy's store. My friend Merry sent me a picture of this sign that she saw there this weekend:

Those apostrophes are both wrong and inconsistent. And are those em-dashes where en-dashes should be?

Macy's in Downtown Crossing also features unnecessary quotation marks on its window displays.

Unless they're quoting someone who said, "The things we love about spring ... the trench," this is wrong.


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,

Ever since I discovered em dashes -- which was recently -- I cannot stop using them because not only are they so functional, they are also very literate -- adding class and bombast to every sentence. This is especially true in academic writing, where I dwell in, and it really sets my writing apart from my peers.


Anonymous said...

On rereading, the last sentence should read: it really sets my writing apart from my peers'.

Becky said...

Hey, Curtis, thanks for your comment! I like em-dashes, too. They can add drama and suspense.

Jess said...

*groan* And I thought Macy's was better than this!

Anonymous said...

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