Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Am Not GLAD About the Bad Punctuation in Press'n Seal

This delicious turkey leg came into my life wrapped in GLAD Press'n Seal.

Much like Guns N' Roses and Sweet 'N Low, Press'n Seal is missing the second apostrophe in the shortened form of and. But GLAD also forgot to put a space after Press. Are they trying to call the product "Press on Seal"? That would explain the missing apostrophe, but they'd still need a space before the n.

This apostrophe catastrophe did not, however, stop me from eating the turkey.


The Happy Medic said...

'n we wonder why people don't get it.
Even their trusted products don't get it.

Carlos said...

LOL...I never noticed that before. Those kinds of apostrophe mistakes are really peeves of mine. Here's one I saw back in 2007 that really bugged me:

Becky said...

Ha! Good one, Carlos! I guess it should be "Pull 'em up!"