Friday, February 20, 2009

Amici's Photo's and Menu's

A lot of people seem to think it's necessary to add an apostrophe when pluralizing a word that ends in a vowel. These people include Amici's Restaurant.

That should be menus and photos, Amici's folks. But I could use a martini or two from your lounge.

Thanks to friend-of-a-friend Bethany for sending this one in!


Anonymous said...

Can't the word photo's be considered as the use of an apostrophe to show the omission of letters in the word photographs?

Becky said...

Perhaps, but I doubt that was the intention here.

Unknown said...

I say photo' and photo's, which is quite correct. (:

Anonymous said...

Argue all you want, it should be "photos". And I suspect some of these horrors are the work of
- they are the ones listed as the ones who design and maintain the site. The owners of the restaurant are just as illiterate or they would raise hell about it.

Anonymous said...

Argue all you want, it should be "photos".

Er, no! It's typical of an American to want to change the rules of the english language.

Photo's (please note, there is no need for quotation marks) is grammatically correct as it is (or it's) an abbreviated form of photographs. However, as photo has now become an accepted word, photos is also correct.

There's (or there is) nothing worse than someone getting on their high horse when they're (or they are) wrong.

Menu's is just nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see the word "photo's" I think of it like a conjunction.
Example: "this photo's horrible!"
Because "photo" is recognized as a word now, does this example make sense? Or is it incorrect?