Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

This is a rough weekend for a lot of people, especially punctuation sticklers. With Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day upon us, we're inundated with misplaced apostrophes.

This sparkly gift I received is appropriate for both holidays because it represents the love I feel for our president. Sadly, it commits two apostrophe catastrophes.

Stick Em' only works as a contraction if you're talking about a skinny dude named Emile. And, according to most style guides, MP3s shouldn't have an apostrophe in it either.

Happy Valentine's Day, blog readers! I love you!


Jane Sutton said...

I love's you too.

Doublebanker said...

I love's this blog...

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The Punctuator said...

It's also pretty funky that the "p" in "Mp3's" isn't capitalized.

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Anonymous said...

You were already "feeling the love" after Barry had been office only a month? Are you still feeling the love?

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