Friday, February 13, 2009

Flushing Punctuation Down the Toilet

An anonymous reader sent me this badly punctuated and randomly capitalized sign from the bathroom at her workplace:

Ms. X wonders why the sign writer used an apostrophe in pads but not tampons and why certain words are capitalized for no reason. And finally, "Why put this sign above a box that is designed specifically for toilet paper and seat covers instead of on the flap to the garbage box?"

I guess we'll never know.

Thanks, anonymous woman in San Jose, California!


Anonymous said...

I agree whole heartedly! Bad est nule. I've seen the apostrophe go abused so many times in my life and yet whenever I point it I find myself shunned by a society of people who use periods instead of commas,paranthesis instead of dashes and huphens on verbs and not nouns.
Of course, the apostrophe is a worthy punctuation mark to be dedicated to - as they all are - but I wonder what the general consencus is towards hyphens or, perhaps, oxford commas (that's the comma thet comes before the word'and').
At any rate, the apostrophe ought to command more respect.I can be reached via my wordpress blog, under the pseudonym 'gaucheuse' (wordpress doen't allow people to register using capitals - I wonder why?)

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